About Us

Protio is the leading investment platform for apartments in Athens and a pioneering real estate technology company in Greece.

We are a large and dynamic team with decades of experience in technology and real estate in Greece and abroad. Working diligently and smartly, we strive to make our customers happy, support our hundreds of partners, and achieve our vision, which is simple yet significant: A more accessible home for everyone. Our vision is to reconstruct Athens, breathe life into old apartments without burdening the environment with new constructions, and help people live decently and qualitatively.

By selling your property to an accredited investor through Protio, you gain an immediate sale at a fair price. Moreover, you ensure that your apartment will have a significant social and environmental impact. Every old apartment that goes through Protio is renovated, upgraded in terms of energy efficiency, and then leased to a new family at a reasonable price.

Let's rebuild our cities together, one apartment at a time.

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