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Still looking for your ideal real estate investment? Discover apartments that fit your budget and investment profile, hassle-free.

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Have you finally found the perfect property? We take care of the entire buying and renovation process from A to Z for you.

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We find highly qualified tenants, manage the entire process, and guarantee the rent for one year.

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We facilitate your investment in the apartment of your choice, handling all the processes you desire while you effortlessly monitor every stage from your device.

How Protio Works?

Επιλέγεις τις ψηφιακές υπηρεσίες που επιθυμείς και παρακολουθείς όλα τα στάδια από τη συσκευή σου, χωρίς ταλαιπωρία.


Frequently Asked Questions


What's Protio?

Protio is the first investment platform in Greece exclusively for real estate. It provides accredited private investors the opportunity to purchase investment apartments and have guaranteed monthly income easily and hassle-free

The procedure is quite simple and fast. Initially, you register on the platform and get approval as an accredited investor. Then, you can view the available investment apartments. Either express your interest in one of them, or we can arrange a quick call so that an experienced investment advisor from Protio understands your investment profile and suggests suitable apartments for you. After that, Protio, through its platform, manages the entire process, from purchasing the apartment, renovation, finding a tenant, to managing the property. You receive your income every month without any hassle.

Through our platform we offer off-market real estate investments, exclusively available on the platform. We conduct legal, technical, and contract due-diligence with distinguished partners boasting over 100 years of collective experience in the field. We ensure gathering of all documents needed, transfering the property to your name, handling the full renovation and property management with reputable construction companies and a two-year work quality guarantee, ensuring delivery within 70 days, securing high quality tenants, and finally, guaranteeing your monthly income from rent for one year. Our pricing is fully transparent that includes a fee of 8.7% on the property purchase price, with a minimum fee of 5,000 euros.

The property belongs to you, the investor. It's in your hands, and Protio handles all the work for you so that you don't have to do anything, ensuring you have passive income from it.

Of course! You express your interest in the property on the platform, and together, we arrange an appointment for you to see the property.

Nothing at all! Protio takes care of all the aspects of closing the purchase, renovate and manage your newly acquired property.

At the moment, no. Currently, we only accept accredited investors who have the capability to invest immediately without a mortgage. However, soon we will also offer the option for investment with a mortage.

We aim to continue managing your property as long as you are satisfied. With a fee of 10% of the monthly rent, Protio takes care of rent collection and property management, allowing you to receive a truly passive income.

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