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Budget with no surprises

With Protio's fixed-price contract, you don't have to worry about any fluctuations in the cost of your renovation.

Full renovation in just 70 days

Each renovation with Protio is completed within 70 days, thus increasing the return on your investment.

2-year warranty

You renovate with Protio stress-free, knowing that the constructional parts of the renovation come with a 2-year warranty.

Financing the way you want it

Invest in your real estate with government subsidies. Renovate, rent out, and get bank financing.

1,500 property owners have entrusted us to renovate and rent out their property.

Every 60 seconds, a property owner requests an evaluation from Protio. Renovate your apartment today with transparency to start earning rental income every month, effortlessly.

Renovate & Rent Your Property in 4 Simple Steps

Discover now the easiest way to create cash flow from your real estate

Step 1

Free online property valuation.

Learn the cost of renovating and upgrading the energy efficiency of your property by receiving an instant, free online quote in less than 1 minute.

Step 2

Design & Renovation Proposal

With just one on-site inspection, we design a digital renovation presentation of your property.

Step 3

Renovation & Energy Upgrade in just 70 days

We renovate and upgrade your property for energy efficiency within 70 days, guaranteed for 2 years, while you receive updates of the process on your device.

Step 4

Start earning rental income

With the completion of the renovation, you'll start receiving your monthly income hassle-free, leaving us to manage the property for you.

How Protio's Renovate - Rent service works?

What's the new “Renovate & Rent” service from Protio?

The new service offered by Protio involves old and vacant properties whose owners aim to renovate and subsequently rent them out to generate passive income.

Protio makes the process of renovation, energy upgrade, rental, and property management simple and easy. Answering just 4 questions, Protio estimates the investment required for the property renovation while calculating the rental income you'll receive after the renovation process.

With speed, transparency, and security, Protio manages every stage of the property renovation, as well as your approval for the state-funded program 'Renovate-Rent'. Upon completion of the renovation, Protio takes charge of finding a tenant and managing the apartment. Discover the most direct way to generate income by leveraging your property now.

Protio's service includes the design and management of property renovation and energy upgrades, along with the leasing and property management. The service starts from 2,000 euros (plus VAT).

Of course. You have the possibility to receive pre-approval for the 'Renovate & Rent' program and the subsidy it offers. The subsidy amounts to 40% for renovations up to 10,000 euros. %{link}

The Protio's 'Renovate & Rent' service provides you with the design and management of the renovation, delivered within 70 days and backed by a 2-year warranty. Additionally, it includes finding a tenant and managing the property.

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Renovate your apartment today with transparency to start earning rental income every month, easily.